Introducing the Falcon E8 – the all-new electric tender from specialist superyacht tender builder Falcon Tenders. Conceived by Sussex-based design studio, ThirtyC Yacht Design, the 8-metre open tender continues Falcon’s long-standing mission to collaborate with world renowned designers and international stylists to produce stunning, one-of-a-kind, revolutionary tenders.

The Falcon E8 revels in its simplicity. Conceived to deliver style and elegance in an efficient buildable package, it pairs the non-fussy sophistication of clean lines with the unassuming qualities of a modern day classic. A sportscar-inspired low stepped aft facilitates easy boarding, and seating for guests when underway. Reclaimed teak decking runs from the axe bow to the stern, with large interior storage located under the cockpit seating. A customisable console is paired with a fully bespoke exterior paint scheme and a signature interiors package.

“We wanted to create a no-frills stylish tender that doesn’t just look good or perform well, but will also complement any mothership” says Rob Armstrong, creative director at ThirtyC. “The Falcon E8 is an elegant boat for guest transfers but is equally suited to run alongside as a superyacht toy and facilitate fun on the water.”

Sustainability always sits at the heart of Falcon tenders, and the E8 is no different. It comes equipped with a Vita Power propulsion system, comprising a high-performance electric powertrain that integrates the latest technology with proprietary control software. A choice of two electric propulsion packages is available: 90kW continuous (120 bhp) and 126 kW peak (170 bhp), or 150kW continuous (200 bhp) and 220kW peak (300 bhp). The boat is expected to reach a 20 knot cruising speed with a top speed of 30 knots. In relative terms, this translates to a convenient transfer time from Nice to Monaco of just 25 minutes when cruising at 25 knots.

Charging times are also flexible, with a fast DC charge of 20-80% in just under one hour, and a slow charge of 4-5 hours. Providing an estimated range of 30 nautical miles with a two battery system (63 kWh or 126 kWh), the E8 provides a convenient, classy and silent solution to owners’ tender needs.

“We are delighted to have been selected by Falcon Tenders as the key supplier of our all-electric and high performance Vita Power propulsion system for the Falcon E8,” says Clive Johnson, CEO of Vita Power Division. “We are seeing a significant increase in demand for electric solutions for superyacht tenders and onboard high speed charging infrastructure as yachts move to reduce the environmental impact of their operations.”

Commenting on the newest tender from the Falcon fleet, Mark Pascoe, Falcon Tenders’ co-founder and CEO, said: “Pairing the highest build quality with beautiful design and sustainable propulsion solutions is what we do best at Falcon. The E8 is an exciting new addition to our Falcon portfolio, and we are delighted to collaborate with ThirtyC and Vita on such an enticing owner proposition.”