Vita Power is collaborating with SAFE Boats International (SBI) to bring electrification to the patrol boat market. The first objective of this partnership was to develop a 100% electric patrol boat that is a first-class solution and is both reliable and practical. Together, they have adapted one of SAFE Boats’ most proven hull designs – the 23’ Center Console – to be propelled by Vita Power’s V300 electric motor and battery package. Dubbed the “223e”, this concept provides a zero-emission solution for operators who are working long hours at lower speeds. 

Performance calculations  with the 300HP electric motor predicts the 223e will maintain an operational battery life of 10 hours at 5 knots, one hour at cruise speed, and capable of a 34 knot sprint speed. Utilizing the Aqua superPower charger – from Vita’s sister company – the boat can recharge in one hour or less. Compared to an outboard-powered engine, the 223e is expected to save thousands in annual fuel and maintenance costs. 

The 223e offers  the work boat and patrol boat market a zero-emission option when long, high-speed runs are not required. SAFE Boats CEO, Richard Schwarz, remarks: “the SAFE/Vita collaboration is to develop electric boats that can be used for specific applications such as lake patrols and for harbormasters who are spending most of their time at low speeds in sensitive environments. As state regulations clamp down on emissions requirements, boat and engine manufactures are being pushed to develop innovative solutions to maintain compliance.” Schwarz adds that ”this SBI/Vita solution suits those ever-tightening requirements.” 

Vita Power is at the forefront of marine electric propulsion. Clive Johnson, CEO of Vita, states that “the 223e is the perfect size boat to offer first responders with the range and performance Vita has to offer in a durable workboat.” Johnson adds, “The Vita propulsion system is designed to offer a complete electrification solution for a broad range of marine applications from commercial vessels to superyacht tenders, and we are excited to be working with SAFE Boats to bring our technology to first responders and harbormasters here in the US. With local and state government bodies offering increasing support for businesses wanting to decarbonise their operations, the US and organisations like SAFE Boats are paving the way to a clean marine future.” 

The SAFE Boats 223e is available for immediate order with deliveries starting in late 2024.